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At Chromebookworld we cover ChromeOS-based Chromebooks.  Chromebooks are an emerging cloud-based laptop where simplicity, cost of ownerership and security are the main advantages. These laptops are being used more and more in business and education and becoming a popular choice amongst consumers that want an easy ‘go-to’ laptop for the basic usages around the home and office.

We have every Chromebook in a database.

We focus a lot of time on databasing every Chromebook on the market. Our product information pages are second to none on the web and give you a chance to review many aspects of a device, from many sources, before buying. Before you buy, take a look at these two pages that cover the pro’s and con’s of a Chromebook.

Chromebook advantages

Chromebook issues

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Chippy (AKA Steve Paine) is the owner of Carrypad (2007) and full-time researcher and editor for Ultrabooknews, Carrypad and UMPCPortal mobile computing websites. Between 1985 and 2006 Chippy followed a career in the Internet industry with leading roles ranging from early UK ISP management through banking and ISP network architecture design to ISP security management. Follow Chippy on Twitter and on Google Plus here.

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Nils Jakobi

Nils Jakobi

Nils is responsible for the product database. He uses a Chromebook in his study, specifically as a part of his project to explore the underwater caves of Mexico using the OpenROV project and a Chromebook as a controller. Follow Nils on Google Plus here. 

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