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Chromebooks with Android apps good for mainstream users, soon. Review.

It’s a long way off from being a default option on Chromebooks but some models are now getting the Google Play Store which means Android app integration. Summary: Millions of local Android apps will come to Chromebooks. It breaks the browser-only model and is a somewhat negative sign for HTML5 apps but for some classes of user it’s going to bring an exciting new option to the notebook and laptop space.

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Chromebook vs Netbook. Round-one with the $200 Acer E11

chromebook windows

Acer E11 and Acer CB3. Both $200 laptops.

I bought an Acer E11 Windows laptop. It’s pretty much an Acer C3 Chromebook running Windows. Same N2840 CPU. Same 2GB of RAM. Same 32GB eMMC SSD. Same weight and sizing. Over the last two days I’ve tested it hard and now have my first set of thoughts about the Windows vs Chromebook experience. I’ll go deeper into this topic over time and add videos and long-term thoughts as my experience grows but I wanted to get thoughts out there as soon as possible to help people in the run up to holiday-season buying. This could be one of the most interesting market fights we’ve seen since Android and IOS. Chromebooks and the new wave of Windows netbooks fit different user types, but do the potential customers know that?

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Chromebooks and Low-Cost Notebooks – IFA Techlounge Discussion

Screenshot 2014-09-07 at 20.21.55

At IFA in Berlin this week I had a chance to talk to host Nicole Scott about low-cost notebooks. We’ve been podcasting together for years so it was a relaxed 30 minutes where we covered a lot of ground. We talk about the ASUS EeeBook X205, the $200 Windows notebook launched at IFA, and we cover Chromebooks as an alternative. What are the problems? Who’s buying them? Like many people I’m sitting on the fence right now and assessing both Windows (see my other site, UMPCPortal) and Chromebooks and waiting to see what happens when Google offer the first ported Android applications.

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Should We Pay Attention to Chromebooks?

Acer C720 Chromebook Upgrde (10)

Should we, in the ultra-mobile computing sector, take any notice of Chromebooks? Of course we should. We should pay attention to Android, to IOS, Sailfish and Windows Phone too. Simple.

Here’s the long answer about why we need to pay attention to Chromebooks but first let me admit that I’ve only recently been inspired to take a closer look after MyDigitalSSD sent me an M.2 SATA drive and a Chromebook to do an upgrade on. I’ve done that upgrade and I’ll be dropping the Super Cache 2 into an Ultrabook to give it a performance test after writing this article. Thanks, MyDigitalSSD, for the opportunity, and the ‘heads-up’ on Chromebooks.

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